February 25, 2016


APIA offers a variety of investigative services including:

Background Investigations
for non-profit organizations that credential their members, check and/or confirm criminal convictions, civil cases, business affiliations, bankruptcy, etc.

​Criminal Investigations,
Homicide, Assault, Robbery, Fraud, DUI, Sex Offenses and all other matters pertaining to municipal, county, state or federal proceedings.

​Civil Investigations
Non-criminal disputes and disagreements between parties.

Information Services
collection of public records, property ownership information, propriety information on persons or businesses.

Corporate Investigations
Employee Screening, dishonesty, sexual harassment, drugs, fraud, embezzlement, internal theft, etc.

Insurance Investigations
SIU litigation support, policy fraud, statements, locates property-casualty liability, catastrophic injury and death claims.

Mobile Notary Services
Notary services where we come to you!